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I am a passionate photographer and father, cosmopolitan and living in Rostock.

I studied photography at the Open College of the Arts, London, I am Europe-assistant to the renowned American fashion photographer Steve Thornton {Zingst (Horizonte Zingst Photo Festival), Milan, Tuscany, Paris, Oberstorf , Hamburg (Sunbounce), Cologne (Photokina)} and in 2014 assisted the well-known wedding photographer Mike Larson in Italy.

My pictures are not studio shots, where the client goes to the photographer. It is I who will come to you. I take pictures in where you feel at home, in you comfort zone, capturing moments of your life, everyday things or features, artistic memorable photos in places, where you feel most at home.

A photo opportunity is no routine for me. Everyone is different and every family happiness individual. My pictures help keep the beautiful moments in life forever - as wonderful and magical as they are.

"We believe dating each other for life is the only way to live.
We believe a strong marriage is the foundation of a family legacy.
We believe that every couple we work with has something to teach us and inspire us with."

Mike & Rachel Larson

Foto scattate da: Steve Thornton, Mike Larson, Helmut Püllmanns, Studenti e partecipanti di workshop
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