Emiliano Leonardi Photography | Rügen

The most important part of being a professional photographer is not forgetting where I came from. Photography, for me, started as a hobby. What kept my curiosity going was planning and giving myself tasks. These tasks helped me learn some new tricks and tricks.
On my last visit to Rome with Melanie Derks*, she introduced me to long exposure photography. This form of capturing was not new to me. I just never have been attracted to that kind. But within the Olympus camera there is a function I kept ignoring because I did not know how to apply it to my photography: Live Composition. With Melanie we roamed through the streets of Rome at night capturing its unique architecture with star trails. I was amazed at how easy and cool this was!! But I am not much of a star trail photographer.
Over Christmas I drove with my family to the island of Ruegen.

December has very short days and this gave me the wonderful opportunity to test this feature. I was looking for something I liked and I tried different things: sky, people, animals, forest, color, black and white...
I was driving back to our rented house and I saw on the side of the road swans, in the background a purple sky with rain and in the foreground reeds dancing in the wind. I literally stopped in the middle of road looking for a close place to park.
I set up my tripod (SIRUI) and took out the new OMD EM1 Mark 2. I tested it a couple of times due to the fact that it was nearly dark and difficult to see anything. I used my Lumecube to light the reeds and since I could see the picture coming together live on screen it was pretty easy to frame, compose and shoot everything correctly.
The results were astonishing! And I kept playing with that same concept with other beautiful features the forest of Ruegen had to offer me.
*This was for gathering information regarding the LNDFW (Lange Nacht Der Foto Workshop = Long Night of Photo Workshop). For more info click the link