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2020 is garbage

There is no in between the lines, secret meaning or moral of the story here. I started collecting non biodegradable items left behind from other people and left it where it belonged. After some time I put the two things that occupy me the most into a photo workshop and it was more successful than I anticipated.


invited me to give a photo workshop in Zingst.

I thrive in challenging myself to bring new ideas and to present fresh material everytime. And as one can imagine it is easier said than done. 

I have been cleaning, together with my family, the pathways to the beaches in my area. It started back in 2016 when my brother got married in Australia. I noticed (in a store) a bag with written on it "keep the roads clean" or something like that. It contained a reusable bag, some other red plastic bags and a pair of BBQ grill tongs. I brought it back home to my family and it sparked an ongoging interest. 

I wanted to collect garbage in Zingst so I thought of combining the two into one: offer a garbage jewelry photo workshop. I was unsure about the idea and I didn't know if I would find any garbage at the Umweltfotofestival (environmental photo festival). I planned to be there four days in advance in order to find anything at all.

This is the paragraph which starts with: "To my surprise" I was two bags full by the end of day two. Shockingly I found most cigarette butts in front of the Max Hunten Haus. 

I needed many small repetitive items to put together a necklace. So I went with the most obvious choice: the cigarette butts.

I was very suprised at how much stink they manage to retain. After several failed attempts to cover it with deodorant and hairspray, I was very glad to have the honor to work with such a brave model.

The workshops were a great success and a huge eye opener for all of us. 

Model: Becca Werner

Makeup artist: Jacky Schwickert-Mayenfels

Sponsored by: Olympus Deutschland

Emiliano Leonardi Garbacci


date back as far as the first century in China. Used during various festivities, it was also believed to purge evil spirits as well as bring good fortune.

Sadly it has been developed into becoming a household item, produced in industrial quantities and shipped worldwide to land in many homes. 

Once an indipendent and respectable profession, pyrotechnicians had the exlusive job to handle fireworks. Not as good as the show they are able to offer, these items are available for purchase in supermarkets and DIY stores in Germany. They come packaged in a plastic covers and they are mainly made of plastic as well. While the main black rocket firework with its wooden stick fly off to explode and land in the water, sand or somewhere in the dark, there is one piece that stays behind by the handfull: these orange covers to protect the fuse. 

When I start whichever #garbacci project I am always afraid to not find enough of them, although I have more than enough and keep finding them long after I am done.

I have collected a total of 36 within the first days of mainly three colors (orange, yellow and black). Every single piece has been brushed and washed clean, then with a heated needle they have been punctured twice to let a fishing line go through and complete the necklace.

Model: Andrea Zittlau

Sponsored by: Fireworks Rostock

Emiliano Leonardi Garbacci