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forgot my camera home

"The Best Camera Is The One That's With You" 

~Chase Jarvis~

This said, I should have had my camera on me. I must have it on me at all times. Yet when I realised I had only ten minutes to rush to the nearest bakery to get some bread for the kids' lunch tomorrow I had to make it quick! So with no hesitation I ran out and seized the bakery. Once I had the loaf in my hands I started looking up and around and realised how magical and spectral the weather was. That blue sky wasn't going to stay there for me later when I came back out with my CAMERA!

So I resort to do what I do when lacking proper gear: smartphone. 

One word about my phone:

I own a Oneplus 3T which I acquired in 2016 on December the 26th (Specific right?). Of all the smartphones I had previously owned this was and is by far an amazing machine. The camera is very decent although, like all phones, it doesn't perform very well. But the footage is super usable! It boasts a 16MP sensor at a f/2.0, fixed focus aperture. It was captured at 17:25 on the 21st of January. 

This image is straight out of the phone without any editing. Of course it isn't a RAW nor an Olympus EM1 Mark 2. But what do you think? 

Oneplus 3T - Late evening walkOneplus 3T


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