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Israel round trip for four

Day one - Sick daughter

We started our morning with my daughter waking me up abruptly. She felt badly sick.
We decided to try anyway and took the train to Berlin.

We later realized our mistake...


Sick daughterSick daughterDay one
We started our morning with my daughter waking me up abruptly. She felt badly sick.
e decided to try to fly anyway and took the train to Berlin.


Day two - Reading a funny story

Once we decided to postpone the flight and let her recover completely before departing, we took a train back home.

My son decided to read her a story to cheer her up.


Reading a funny storyReading a funny storyDay two - Reading a funny story
So during the night we decided to postpone the flight to Sunday and let her recover completely before departing. So we took a train back home. My son decided to read her a story to cheer her up.


Day two - Hilarious 

I am guessing it was a pretty funny story


Funny storyFunny storyI am guessing it was a pretty funny story


Day three - Or day minus 1 take two. Action!


So this week of health recovery went pretty well. We also had the time to have a quick photo session! Now we are getting all prepped up and ready to depart for Berlin. Again...



Day four - We are here!

I have many memories of this sort, but it was truly priceless to see my children experience it for the first time: we are exiting the airplane, which just landed in Tel Aviv, my kids step out in the hot damp air. And I can clearly see the split second they breath in, blink, hesitate their next step... and then enter the heat with wonder.

After dropping off our suitcases at our friends place we start hunting for a decent place to eat. 




Day five - the beach

There were so many similarities between Egypt/Italy and Israel. Apart from the language gap, I feel almost at home! 

There are so many alleys and corners to explore...

But on top of it all, the beach. My heart thumped in my throat...


Day six - day and night

My first night out. A tour of the city is always a good way to scout for new locations. 



Day seven - an unexpected surprise

We were invited to go check out a show and it consisted of four parts. The first was a Buto Dance performed by our friend's Buto teacher. Which I found insightful for expanding future projects with Andrea. The second was gibberish. It started off with a man polishing his own shoes and then pouring milk into one of them. He would then read a printed text in Hebrew and alternate pages by drinking milk from his shoe. Once he ended both text and milk, he proceeded wearing his shoes again. As my son rightfully pointed out, he will probably go home with a wet sock. The third part was... well puzzling to say the least, but nonetheless very interesting. Now, for me, the last part hit me like a ton a bricks. It was the one and only performance I understood. It was music and it was in English. But her voice and the lyrics... AW! Wow. It was so soothing... 


I didn't catch the performer's name...




Day eight - Nilson the cat (Nixon)

In our first apartment we were guests of two cats. The white one, who always hid. And the black one who was a constant show. Night and day. Day and night. And here you can experience him at his finest.



Day nine - The Carmel market

Wetting our heads and arms all the way across Tel Aviv Jaffo, we arrived at the cool and nose enriching Carmel market. 

My wife was a little disappointed in my (apparent) unexcited look, although inside I felt 18 again. Memories went back to when we moved to Cairo. I remember the first time I let my senses be overwhelmed by Khan el-Khalili's atmosphere.

Here... I only needed to close my eyes. And I was back in my Citadel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I included a color version to help embrace the smells. :-) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Day ten - sickness follows

Maybe it's the food

Maybe it's the water

Probably it's the heat

Or most definitely it's the temperature change when entering any store. Feels like stepping in a freezer and then hop back into a pan. Today was recovery day for all of us. We need to regain strength for the last days of shooting. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (or was it the food?)

Day eleven - The odd/fascinating structure







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