Emiliano Leonardi Photography | Castel Gandolfo at 40 Megapixels

Castel Gandolfo at 40 Megapixels

Italy, specifically Rome and its surroundings, has always been rich of details and places which have constantly awaken my memories.

It has been a while since I posted something on my blog. I felt this day was worth sharing.

As tradition dictates, we have visited Castel Gandolfo, a nearby lake famous for the Pope's "villa" and its water filled crater. One of my most favorite places for its simple and amazing food.

I usually enjoy taking pictures of this charming area, but I felt extremely excited to test out the OMD EM-5's 40 megapixels shift sensor shooting mode. The camera has 16 native megapixels, but it has the ability to shift its sensor around to take the above mentioned 40 megapixel stills.

It is an amazing feature, but because it is taking several shots it needs a still subject or landscape with no running or fast moving objects. If there is a lot of light it helps to minimize the ghosting artefacts. And this landscape offered exactly that!

I used a my handy travel Sirui tripod and snapped this beauty in a matter of minutes. A couple of edits later et voilá! 

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Emiliano Leonardi Photography
If the stabiliser is on, set to the right mm length and on a very sunny day it might just work! Remember this functions takes several shots one after the other. The more powerful the light source (sun) the faster it can shoot. But a tripod (stativ) is always a great idea
Is it possible to get the picture holding the camera with no stativ?
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