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Sunbounce Bouncewall settings


Hello and welcome!

Through Sunbounce, I give Bouncewall shows in Europe and north America. I have been at Horizonte in ZingstPhotokina in CologneSalon de la Photo in ParisPhotoplus New York, WPPI in Las Vegas and very soon for the first time at Photoexpo in Budapest. So does this make the absolute expert on this product? No it does not. But I am pretty sure I know how to use it!

I will keep this short.


 - I used an Olympus OMD EM-5 mark II with a 25mm. Considering the crop factor of 2.x it is like a 50 mm on a full format. An 85mm will do as well. 40 mm on an Olympus four thirds;

 - ISO was on 640. But if you own a full format feel free to push it higher. I do not use the lowest setting to avoid killing the batteries of the flash unit;

 - shutter speed on 100. It's more than enough

 - aperture at 7.1 or so. You want to make sure you get enough depth of field. I would not recommend using anythng lower than 5.6 as the risk of getting out of focus is too high. It takes just one slight movement and your subject's eyes are not sharp;

 - I used a manual speedlight setting. Why? So to have the same power all the time. The setting is 1/32 power. But it depends on your camera and speedlight make. Feel free to experiment

 - Having all the setup in manual it avoids surprises along the way. But you are free to use Av, Tv, S, Automatic or whatever suits your fancy. Paired with your Speedlight in TTL or TTLHSS (Through The Lens High Speed Sync)

 - Black and white. Every camera comes with presets or filters. Go to the monochrome filter and change its settings. Bring sharpness down and contrast all the way up. By doing this you achieve darker blacks and lighter tones on your subject. The reducing of the sharpness is to deliver smoother images to show your clients on the spot. When shooting RAW you can retrieve all the info you like. Sharpness as well.

 - I will never stop saying this. Take your pictures in RAW!! That is the only way you can get all that juicy information back, such as color, WB, sharpness and all the other goodies


 - Why do you shoot manual? Because having the same light and settings makes it easy to edit over 500 images in Lightroom. I edit the first shot and sync the rest.

 - Why do you shoot at 1/100 at 7.1? Well you could shoot at a higher shutter speed and a lower aperture. That setting is the one that gives me most depth of field without risking out of focus and that shutter speed is pretty much a freeze frame so it keeps from shaky shots

 - Why 640 ISO? The higher the ISO value you can use, the better. It affects on how long you can shoot on one set of four AA in your flash.

 - Why do you shoot Olympus when you said you have a Canon 5D mark III? Because the Olympus is lighter, has an amazing array of filters I can apply live and it delivers just as good imagery than Canon does. If not sharper and better.


If you have any questions feel free to ask!!

1. The TTL flash

For the purpose of showing the Bouncewall in the easy mode, I got an Olympus FL 900R TTL flash. The following video is the unboxing of the flash itself, so it is aimed to the Olympus crowd mailnly


Emiliano Leonardi Photography
Hey Mike!

Glad you like it!
Mike Skidmore(non-registered)
Milo, met you today at SWPP when I bought one of the Bouncewall's. Just got home, put it on the camera for a quick play & love it!
Hey there!
Thanks for sending me the link! Can you send me your newsletter as well? Loved your show. Looking forward to see you next year in New York.
Keep it up bro!
Emiliano Leonardi Photography
You are very welcome Bernd. If there are any other clarifications you need do not hesitate contacting me. Enjoy!
Great service. I asked for the settings cause I couldn't remember from the demo in Köln and Emiliano sent them promptly, although he must be a busy man.
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