Emiliano Leonardi Photography | Baltic sea wedding day - an old friend

Baltic sea wedding day - an old friend

This year I feel exalted to take part in such marvelous weddings. This in particular on a peculiar day. 

I am following my daily routine: wake up, coffee, shower, brush my teeth, prep the camera bag and cross check my to do list. Everything is in place. Now I am driving to my destination, one moment humming the other singing out loud. Depending on the song. I am so excited. And nervous as well. Now I am shaking hands with the bride and groom, and mom and dad, sis and toddler. 

Now I reach down in my camera bag, choose my lens, point and shoot. This is, I guess, what every photographer knows is part of the process. I have had enough photo sessions to know what I am doing. And I did know what I was doing. But my hands were shaking and my heart was beating fast. Just like the day my children were born. Especially my daughter. Our midwife was stuck in traffic, so she dictated on the phone what I had to do to help deliver the baby. So I knew exactly what to do. But I was too excited. Because this is a special moment. And it is something that won't ever happen again. Not under these same circumstances. 

But the bride and groom have chosen me. For whatever reason. I was there responsible to capture their memories of this unique day. 

So passed the sweat and shivers, my brain clicked and took over. And then everything felt like meeting a friend after many years, carrying our last conversation forward where we left it.


I liked this wedding very much. One of my favorite moments was the bus! It was an old bus during the German Democratic Republic (GDR). It was all cleaned up and it felt like traveling back in time! It was a fun ride and it was most certain fun to capture these moments on it. 


Hochzeitsfotograf aus RostockHochzeitsfotograf aus RostockAn eine Hochzeit wollen wir uns ein ganzes Leben lang erinnern, daher sind uns schöne Bilder von diesem Ereignis so wichtig. Ich begleite die Hochzeit den ganzen Tag, schaue hinter die Kulissen und natürlich ins Rampenlicht, setze verrückte Ideen um und halte mich dennoch dezent im Hintergrund--jedes Lächeln soll natürlich sein. Ich möchte euch vorher kennenlernen, um gemeinsam Ideen zu entwickeln, die diesen Tag in Bildern weiterwirken lassen.
Ich habe verschiedene Pakete im Angebot, die gerne individualisiert werden können: vom Fotoshooting bei der Trauung bis hin zur Hochzeitsreportage (mein Favorit) und der Fotobooth für die Party (Spaßfotos mit Selbstauslöser).

Hier geht es zu einem kostenlosen Kennlerntermin




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