Emiliano Leonardi Photography | Stralsund HDR - the awakening

Stralsund HDR - the awakening

After all this time I still feel funny when writing a blog post: what should I write? What should I say? How should I express myself?

Well it doesn't really matter. Yesterday I had an out of the body experience. I smelled a weeping willow bark devour my senses. And the sound of the wind drifting through its branches, letting the tree move elegantly. And I woke up. 

Ruegenbruecke StralsundRuegenbruecke StralsundRuegenbruecke Stralsund

I was in my bed in Rostock and I felt I lost something. I woke up in some sort of panic. My watch? My phone? No. They are all there. My kids are sleeping just fine and so is my wife. Everything was in its place. And then I remembered. I recalled the last seconds of my dream. The willow. the sounds and the smells. And I was suddenly involved in a storm of memories and emotions of the past. Back when photography was experimental and spontaneous. 

So once my family woke up we brainstormed places to go. It was settled to go to Stralsund. Perfect! We haven't been there in a while and new places inspire more than routine related places. So I packed tripod, camera and lenses. That was all I needed.

Once we got there and I found my happy spot, I waited for the golden hour. I wasn't seeking the perfect picture. I wanted to shoot for the pleasure of capturing a moment. And enjoy it fully. 

Because "it's not the destination, but the journey that counts".

One special thanks goes to Steve Thornton. He is my mentor and friend. He pushed me out of my comfort zone. This allowed me to unlock talents and skills I never knew I possessed. Most of my knowledge to create the final image are a result of his impeccable guidance.

Another special thanks goes to my wife for supporting me every step of the way. Grazie amore!


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