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I miss film

TWO ILFORD 3200 ASA later


Kinderfotograf in Rostock an der OstseeKinderfotograf in Rostock an der OstseeKinderfotograf

Kinder sind keine Fotomodelle, sondern kleine Persönlichkeiten. Daher nehme ich mir mit Kindern viel Zeit, damit sie mich kennenlernen und sich nicht vor der Kamera verstecken. Es ist mir sehr wichtig, die Kinder vor dem Fotoshooting kennenzulernen, damit sie auf den Bildern natürlich wirken. Ob sie mir dann ihr Lieblingsspielzeug zeigen oder im Freien toben, können wir ganz spontan entscheiden. Die Bilder (etwa 20+) gibt es als digitale Downloads (passwortgeschützt) in höchster Auflösung. Und selbstverständlich fotografiere ich bei diesem Shooting auch die ganze Familie. Gerne komme ich auch in Kindergärten, Schulen oder zu Tagesmuttis (Angebote auf Anfrage).

Hier geht es zu einem kostenlosen

Children can be difficult to capture, but it gets more challenging when using a film camera. Stay still, don't move, smile... I learned so much in the past three years. You can't ask kids to stop for you. They have too many things to do and discover! It is up to the photographer to run after them and explore the world with them. 

But on this day I took my 1978 camera my father used to use and 2 ILFORD DELTA 3200 ASA films. It was about between 12:00 and 16:00 in July, so for many shooting at 3200 is way too high. But I was seeking for harsh noise and fast camera reflexes. I played with the shades and lights, keeping special attention not to have my kids face in direct sunlight. But children are fast and unpredictable, so most of the shots were rubbish and some were good, but one I fell in love with.

I took pictures at the zoo in Rostock, because it offers excellent diffusers and white reflectors all round. Choosing to shoot in black and white reduced the risk to have green reflections on the subjects face.

I chose to share this especially because my son today lost both his two upper frontal teeth. He is growing and he is growing fast. I miss this little version of him, but I love our daily adventures!



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