Emiliano Leonardi Photography | The woman who didn't just say

The woman who didn't just say

The woman who travelledThe woman who travelledShe has been around the world and has never acknowledged more about knowing less

So happy to have met her again.

But she made one mistake:

telling me she doesn't like herself in pictures.

And Ta-daaaaa!!!

This was really hard to shoot due to a really strong neon light hitting on the left side on the model's face and a green reflection from the table. At first I thought of not taking the picture, but I took my chances and went for it! A picture is better than no picture at all.

So I boosted the ISO at 6400 and shot with an 85mm lens at f/1.8. In AV mode I let the camera choose the shutter speed. I think I shot about 15 of them and ended with three really cool ones. But this one is my most favorite.

Portrait of Serena shot in a pizzeria at Arco della Pace in Milano with Steve Thornton and Cassandra. Buon appetito!


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