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I remember when my children were born

2007 - She wakes my up in the middle night. She said: "the water broke, we need to go." 


2010 - We were about a kilometer away from home, at a wednesday organic food market. Her lips turn blue and her face as pale as chalk. My arm was hurting. She had quite a grip.


2007 - I dress up in the dark, hop on my bike to pick up the car at our in-laws. 

2010 - The baby is coming out. I look around and see a friend. 

2007 - I pick her up and we calmly go to the baby hospital. Smiling and cracking jokes in the car.

2010 - My friend gets her car and drives us home. I call our midwife.

2007 - Once we arrive they accommodate us in a very nice and cozy room. She proposes to go for a walk. She feels the baby still needs some time before he comes out.

2010 - ............

2007 - .........

2010 - ......

2007 - ...


2014 - I watched a video online and I felt I relived those moments once again. I was in tears as I remember my daughter gently falling in my hands. I remember my sight was so blurred out when my son was born. My eyes were flooded in tears.


I hope you'll enjoy this video as much as I skipped a heart beat along with the most beautiful memories of my life.

























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Thank you for your kind words Adrian
Adrian Jankowski(non-registered)
I enjoyed this movie ... but I feeling great to know, there is a person I know, You, who has this special heart to know how powerful, how beautiful these moments are. Thank you to share your special moments and this wonderful movie of a little new baby born.
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