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Einstein's camera

I read it a couple of times and I can't help think this man is some remarkable genius mashed with an astonishing creative push. I always looked at my photo equipment and felt the need to dissect everything, to remove the superfluous and keep the heart of the imagery intact. But I thought that was babble, impossible and I did not have the skills to even thinking of trying.


But a man has. And he went as far as taking tech apart and assembling it to his needs. And emitting something that echoes as new and mesmerising images. Can they be called pictures? Or simply a slow mo capture? Either way I felt a tingling feeling all over my skin while reading this post. 


Here is an extract of what I found on this website. Click on the name below for the full article.

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Adam Magyar

"Born in Hungary in 1972, Magyar began taking pictures in his late twenties, roaming the streets of Asian cities and capturing images of Indian street vendors, Hindu holy men, and Himalayan students. His work evolved rapidly from conventional documentary photography to surreal, radically experimental imagery that reflects his obsession with finding innovative new uses for digital technology. A self-taught engineer and software designer who assembled his first computer while in his teens, Magyar captures his images using some of the world’s most sophisticated photographic equipment, modified with software he writes himself. Additional code, also of his own design, removes nearly all distortion, or “noise,” from his data, producing images of remarkable clarity."

- source from medium.com



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