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Scrolling for an imaginary perfect picture

Like any good photographer out there I like reading other photographers' blogs. And one of my favorite ones is Fstoppers. I bumped into a recent article they wrote about an interesting phenomena we all are very familiar with.

 They cover a topic commonly known as Persistance of vision. In their article they describe a feeling we all have when shooting a set of images. We find ourselves scrolling through them quickly, then scrolling back to that one image we really liked but never really find it. Or like Gary pointed out: "I’ve always noticed if I scroll through the images too quickly someone will shout “Go Back to the one with the  ____________” and I won’t be able to find what they saw and neither can they.

Gary found this useful .gif that helps understanding our brain glitch. The rules are simple: just focus on the cross in the middle!

If the .GIF doesn't start you can go directly to the source HERE.

Ladies and gentlemen YES! Our brain blends together images when we scroll through them too quickly. And there is a high possibility I deleted pictures I thought weren't good, just because I rushed my way through.

I finished reading the article and was left skeptical. And a second later I focused on the cross and started seeing (or not seeing?). Have I really deleted good shots? Which ones and how many?

Have you experienced this "corn fuzzed" feeling Gary Martin is going through?


Source: http://fstoppers.com/natural-phenomenon-explains-my-lightroom-problem


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