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99 Movie Clips Mashed Into One Epic Trailer

in 1984, I think, when we moved Bangkok, in Thailand, there was no cable tv. Maybe there was satellite but I am definitely sure my parents couldn't afford it. So we had a TV and a VHS player (so long ago I'm not even sure if that is how it's called). Apparently a good soul gave my father their Transformers collection, the Amazing Spiderman and other super hero cartoons. Well that is pretty much how I started off with comics!!

I watched them all and I watched them all over again. And again and again. Then discovered Superman once we moved to the US. And then the X-Men and then the Avengers and Hulk and Wolverine and so on. I started collecting the DC cards (which I still have) and comics until Superman died. His death played a fundamental role in my passage to puberty. But also because all of the stories which came afterwards just didn't make sense and were pretty redundant, followed by different versions of the same story and different stories of the same hero.

But then the magic sparkled once again. I still remember riding my bike in the cold Rostock winter and noticing a badly pinned poster of the upcoming movie "Transformers". I literally stopped in front of it analysing it for ten minutes in every detail to figure out if it were a fake. No fake. I'm late for work.

But let's cut to the chase! Vadzim Khudabetz mashed all my super heroe trailers into one. This is a must watch! 


Here is a list of the 99 movies used to make this mash up.


Source: http://designtaxi.com/news/359749/99-Movie-Clips-Mashed-Into-One-Epic-Trailer/


What a cute story and epic trailer. Your so smooth bro!
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