Emiliano Leonardi Photography | The anatomy of a diver

The anatomy of a diver


My wife is really into diving and I heard that her sister used to be a diver.

On the contrary I feel extremely bored. I can't see the sense in this sport. I can see them jump from considerable heights in a very melodic manner. Everything happens s fast and I can't enjoy fully.

Of course I decided to bring my camera the second day and found out that taking pictures of children is a walk in the park compared to this. It took me a while to adjust the camera to the lighting, to get the right shutter speed and sharp divers.

And I started to see later how amazing the human body is. The precision of every single movement. They looked like a samurai knife slicing butter!

Scroll down! You'll find more plus a link to some funny shots I found on the web!


By the way I also found their face expressions funny as...!! I didn't manage to shoot any good ones, but here is a link to a really cool collection of shots of this kind:


I found these settings very helpful because it froze the diver in mid air and kept it sharp enough. There was a little grain but nothing I couldn't figure out with luminance.

shutter 1/350

f 5.6

ISO 3200

I used a Tamron 28-300. I kept it a 300 and followed the subject using a high shutter speed. 

I noticed that shooting the diver from start to end would fill the buffer too fast, resulting in a slow shutter speed or no diving impact shots.

So I started shooting only when the diver was half way to the water.

What are your thoughts on this session? Would you have done it differently? What settings would have used? Would edit in BW or colour?


Enjoy the clowns!


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