Emiliano Leonardi Photography | Scouting with my brother and my mother in-law

Scouting with my brother and my mother in-law

Before I went shooting with an old school friend of mine, I went scouting with my brother and mother in-law.

While shooting some test shots I snapped my bros awesomeness!

SupLorenzo Enea Leonardi

Some details of this shot:

It was taken on the 14th of February 2013 at 5:48 PM.


How the sun behaved on that dayLorenzo Enea Leonardi

The sun was not setting just yet. As you can see from the above picture, I still had a good 40 minutes to go.

But I wasn't there to for that. I'm sharing this image to show what the sun looked like when I shot these pictures. The sun is of course behind m brother and he was sitting behind a ancient Roman grave. This last gave me a little less haze in the shot, but enough rim light to work with.

Camera settingsLorenzo Enea Leonardi

Focal length was 84mm using a Tamron 28-300 (this is my favorite scouting lens as I don't need to drag around bags and cases). When I chose to shoot at 50 ISO during my first session of shots, I did not consider that (in AV mode) I would have reaches such a low shutter speed. Typical distraction mistake.  But it is here where the magic happens for me sometimes. A random shot being a really good picture. And I really love this shot. And at 1/30th of a second isn't noticeable at all!

I shot in AWB to speed things up. I didn't want to waste time on white balance on scouting. The advantages of shooting in RAW format is that you can easily adjust it later.

Here are some other pictures!

sup 2Lorenzo Enea Leonardi

Thanks bro!Lorenzo Enea Leonardi

Thanks random dog!


Emiliano Leonardi Photography
Vuoi che te le carico e te le mando?
Lorenzo Leonardi(non-registered)
I look like a BOUSS. As for the second picture, it might just be my homicidal instinct showing through my retina. Comunque daje belle le foto, ma le altre?
Emiliano Leonardi Photography
I was on my way to bed and just saw your comment.

You are right! They do look funny. Well as my dear friend Benjamin from Berlin always tells me:
Never post a picture as soon as you finished editing it. Wait a day or two then get back to it and see if it is postable.

Well I guess I forgot to wait...

good night!
John Florez(non-registered)
Your brother's eyes in the second picture look funny
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