Emiliano Leonardi Photography | Hangout #1

Hangout #1

It isn't so bad to show my ugly face LIVE!!!

Now I spoke to Alex about opening our chats to the public to see what might happen. Worst case scenario? Were talking to wind. :-)

But seriously now. How many times have I found myself talking about photography related topics in front of a beer with friends and ending up with some taking notes? Or stop for those extra 20 minutes with a student/colleague/workshop participant and go the extra mile and share?

Now I thought to go the extra 40 km marathon run with Alex (Travel Photographer from Cologne) and go LIVE instead of keeping the good stuff all for ourselves. We both hope this might be useful to you and you are free to join and participate!!

In the first hangout, Alex and I discussed an image I edited badly due to the late night processing and quick upload. I said in the video and I say it now: wait your academic 24 hours before uploading a picture!! You might end up regretting it caused by a lack of patience...

I recently uploaded a video where I share my screen in fast forward mode. I was doing this for myself to see how I work, how my picture developed and thought to share it with you! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Here is the video if you can't load it on youtube:

This is the RAW before, the first edit and the last edit.

I can tell you here I used levels in Photoshop to correct the haze. 

One of the points discussed in the first Hangout about this shot were the eyes and teeth: WAY too much sharpening. Very aggressive as one good friend told me. Alex also pointed out that the some focus and out of focus points didn't make any sense. In short? It was a disaster!


So now I took my time and started over. Step by step I followed these points (after Camera Raw):

1. Clean his skin using content aware brush

2. Adjust levels

3. Sharpen his eyes and teeth

4. perform some detail enhancement on the tree bark

5. slight focus out the bark

6. And that is it!!

I took my breaks in between and recorded the whole thing to see my behavior. 


Probably the main thing I learned out of this is to be patient. Especially with myself.

Less is more: I over did many things in the first image. And if there is something life has taught me so far is to keep it simple. Who said:

“if you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough”?

I think it was Einstein... ??

Lastly I understood the power of breaks. Keeping your eyes stuck on an image for the entire process is not only damaging your sight, but makes you also blind to obvious mistakes. If you happen to have a screen capture program, try to document your actions and better study your behavior. I learned so many things just by doing that.



So that is all folks!

I hope you enjoyed my chattering and see you at our next Hangout!

And don't forget to pick up your RAW file and upload your edit on your favorite hosting service:

Flickr group Hanout #2

Emiliano Leonardi Photography Facebook page

Alexander's Out-n-about Facebook page

or tweet me at @elfotografia


P.S. By the way the RAW edit is not a person, but it is still very sexy, amazing and hairy model!! Haha! Can't wait to see your edits!!


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