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Do you see me now?

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When looking at an image, have you ever felt that the image was looking back at you? Have you ever had that strange feeling that the shapes, the colors and message didn't just stop to what the image is, on the surface, showing?

I would like to go back a little and remember that night when my wife proposed to watch the passion of Christ. For those who know me well enough, you know I am not a very church like person at all. But I watched it anyway. 

For some reason, I can't explain why, I cried so bad I couldn't stop even after the movie was already over. I am not saying I liked the movie nor that I disliked it. If I think about it now, I can't even remember the movie. I just remember the reaction I had. 

How can one movie scatter so many strong feelings in one time? Was it the movie? Or was it me? Or was it both? 

There are triggers out there, some small and some big, some weaker and some stronger. Just think about a common trigger you can find on a facebook timeline: kittens or memes. They make you laugh or "awww". In any case, either you show it or not, you reacted to it. But then there are those ones that can only work with certain people. And there are others that are a truly strong impact on ones soul. 

Now I just gave you an extreme of what I am trying to say here. 


When I ask "what do you see?" I mean two different things:

1. What you actually see in this picture and what you think it is.

2. What you "see" as what thoughts does this image scatter in your mind.


I'm asking this because when I showed this to a friend at a bar, his first reaction was really funny! He said he had a sudden feel to go back to the gym and work out. 

So I proceeded showing this to a second person, who said she felt the same but also added she felt guilty.  (???) What the falafel is that supposed to mean? 

SO I thought to propose this image to the internet to see what your answer will be! 

Feel free to post your comment here.

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Emiliano Leonardi Photography
Amazing! A very beautiful comment...

I like you view of a motionless movement.
Katja Harms(non-registered)
Reminds me of Da Vincis "The Vitruvian Man"... Another thought (before reading your experiences watching the movie) was: Soon there will be dropping blood from these feet. The picture "moves" somehow... It´s like a slow motion/silent movie capture. Something´s gonna happen. Soon. And slowly.
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