Emiliano Leonardi Photography | A set of Go-Pros dokument a plane crash

A set of Go-Pros dokument a plane crash


You hear about it many times since the man has conquered the skies. Plane crashes, plane colliding, a significant number of casualties. You have also seen movies depict such intense situations in the air.

But this is different.

Nine skydivers witness along with their two pilots experience the clash of two (apparently) Cessna.

All filmed by multiple Go Pros giving you different perspectives of the collision.

This is NO MOVIE.

This REALLY happened.

The AMAZING NEWS is they all survived, pilots included. One of the pilots had to be brought to hospital for minor injuries.

I've watched it over and over again and I never felt so close to having a heart attack. Intense to a point you almost feel part of it.


Source: FStoppers


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