Emiliano Leonardi Photography | The oldest photoshopped image ever

The oldest photoshopped image ever

Years ago, when I started to enter the market as a professional photographer, I made a choice of editing that I today find non ethical at all. I distorted reality, applied different layers, copy and pasted, lassoed stuff and so on. I always looked at the final result and was very unhappy. But I wasn't sad about the picture itself, but what I did to it to make it look like that. This photoshop phase of my carreer taught me a great lesson: less is more. Get it right in the camera!

But lately I came across a video on youtube shared by UPworthy.com about something outrageous. This is a perfect example of reality distortion that has been hammered in our heads since school. Is it right? Or is it wrong? Well, they have a good point! If not it was interesting to see our planet from a different point of view. :-)

Everything you knew about our world map is... well watch the video and look for yourself.

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