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Digital VS Film

There are aspects of the digital world that just simply make it more appealing to the everyday photographer. It's a "one, two, three the shot is finished" world. 

I still remember those days where you had to be there with your camera and work together. The exposure, the depth of field, aperture and so on. Things I do with digital too, but I miss the wait. 

Some time ago I found my Canon AE-1 and gave it a whirl. I felt so excited I bought three 3200 ISO ILFORD  B/W films. All it came out was magic layered on wows. It gave me a feel I could not explain and I could tell the difference but I couldn't put it in words.

In september I was in Cologne for work and happened to meet Jared from Fro Knows Photo and Adam Lerner. It so happens that Adam posted a video on Youtube explaining how I felt about those pictures. And he is very passionate and detailed.

If you are curious wait no more! Click on the bottom link to check out his video and feel free to subscribe if you like what he does.



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