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​I am photographer who focuses on emotions, an artist, an entertainer and educator based in Germany.

Since 1989 I have been passionate about capturing the world around me. And since 2011 I have been making a living with my passion, refining my skills and vision ever since.

In 2011 I studied photography at the Open College of the Arts in London. Not feeling challenged by what books and academic knowledge offered, in 2012 I started assisting annually the renowned American fashion photographer Steve Thornton in Zingst (Horizonte Zingst Photo Festival), Milan, Sorrento, Tuscany, Paris, Oberstorf , Hamburg (Sunbounce), and Cologne (Photokina). I have assisted Mike Larson in Tuscany in 2014 as well.

Numerous images of mine were published on academic, art performances and art journal publications, as well as various exhibitions such as the "Pflegeheim Project" (2017-2018), "House in Park" (2017-2018), "Be Litz" (2013), "Santa Cruz Boardwalk" (2014), "Jimmy" (2014), "Paper dress" (2018), in the Kunstforum (Nov/Dec 2018 edition) and the ongoing "Family Project" (2014-today​). The latter is part of continuous cooperation with artists worldwide in assignments such as the "Postcard Project" (2015), "Green Garbage" (2017) and "Pink Gorilla" (2017).

My passion is the maternal and paternal connection, the emotional link. Patience and time are the at the core of emotion photography: it is key to understand the dynamics of every single family member and to let the children be aquatinted to my presence.

My pictures are no studio snapshots, where the client goes to the photographer. I take pictures in and out of their comfort zone, capturing moments of their life, everyday things and features, artistic memorable photos in places, where they feel most at home.

Being a ​third generation Canon user, I have fully converted to Olympus in 2013. I exclusively use the EM1 MKII and EM5 MKII for assignments and clients. When I travel I prefer my trustworthy PEN-F: a pro camera disguised as a tiny analog camera. Lenses I never leave home without are the 17mm 1.8, 25mm 1.8, 75mm 1.8, 12-45mm 2.8, 7-14mm 2.8 and the 300mm.

I offer a variety of private workshops to either groups (for companies and schools) or private 1 on 1 sessions. Feel free to contact me at:

Publication Espace art actuele: 122 (printemps-été 2019)


A brief publication on a discussion about the heart project done in 2016

"Paper dress" Publication / USA
I was responsible to produce, capture and edit the cover image for the Paper
Dress Publication

"Postcard" Project / Worldwide
2015 - Present
Collaboration with an artist to create imagery that reflect her poetry.

"Kunstforum" Publication / Germany
Collaboration with an artist to create imagery reflecting her interpretation of

"Pflegeheim and Haus am Park" Exhibition / Rostock (Germany)
Personal year long project that involved voluntary work in an old people’s home.

"Family" Project / Worldwide
2014 - Present
As an idea at the time, it has unraveled into a yearly project with special guests from around the world, produced in their city of residence. It has drawn attention of the american, canadian and european art community.

"European Journal of English Studies, Routledge" Article / UK
Special issue on feminist iconography.

"Green Garbage" Project / Worldwide
An art project to help raise awareness of our garbage production

"Pink Gorilla" Project /Israel
Collaboration with a local artist. Quite literally a Pink Gorilla roaming the streets
of Tel Aviv.

"Santa Cruz Boardwalk" Exhibition / Santa Cruz (USA) and Rostock (Germany)
Collaboration with Olympus Germany to help capture this old theme park being
the Giant Dipper the main attraction (100+ year old roller coaster)

"Jimmy" Exhibition / Santa Cruz (USA) and Rostock (Germany)
At the Santa Cruz Boardwalk I met Jimmy, the official merry go round horse

"Destruction as revolutionary force" article / Spain
A follow up article on the soap heart project shot in Israel

"Emergency Index Vol.7" Index / Worldwide
An annual document of performance practice