Emiliano Leonardi Photography | About

I am an emotion photographer, an artist, an entertainer and educator based in Germany. Since 1989 I have been passionate about capturing the world around me. And since 2011 I have been making a living with my passion, refining my skills and vision ever since.

In 2011 I studied photography at the Open College of the Arts in London. Not feeling challenged by what books and academic knowledge offered, in 2012 I started assisting annually the renowned American fashion photographer Steve Thornton in Zingst (Horizonte Zingst Photo Festival), Milan, Sorrento, Tuscany, Paris, Oberstorf , Hamburg (Sunbounce), and Cologne (Photokina). I have assisted Mike Larson in Tuscany in 2014 as well.

Numerous images of mine were published on academic, art performances and art journal publications, as well as various exhibitions such as the "Pflegeheim Project" (2017-2018), "House in Park" (2017-2018), "Be Litz" (2013), "Santa Cruz Boardwalk" (2014), "Jimmy" (2014), "Paper dress" (2018) and the ongoing "Family Project" (2014-today). The latter is part of continuous cooperation with artists worldwide in assignments such as the "Postcard Project" (2015), "Green Garbage" (2017) and "Pink Gorilla" (2017).

I work together with national and international companies by giving shows, photowalks and workshops, educating my peers on groundbreaking photo tools I myself use. I annually present at Fotoerhardt in Westerkappeln, Umweltfotofestival in Zingst Salon der la Photo in Paris, Photo Plus in New York and WPPI in Las Vegas.

My passion is the maternal and paternal connection, the emotional link. Patience and time are the at the core of emotion photography: it is key to understand the dynamics of every single family member and to let the children be aquatinted to my presence.

My pictures are no studio snapshots, where the client goes to the photographer. I take pictures in and out of their comfort zone, capturing moments of their life, everyday things and features, artistic memorable photos in places, where they feel most at home.

I guess growing up in an Italian environment makes me treasure every single relative: the bridges that unite and the walls that divide. It is vital to see the picture in its entirety: it shows us the most beautiful flaws that glue a family together.