Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. Every blog post is created around my life long passion: people and things wonderful. 

I love collecting ideas, exchanging thoughts with other like minded photographers and share it here.

forgot my camera home

"The Best Camera Is The One That's With You" ~ Chase Jarvis ~ This said, I should have had my camera on me. I must have it on me at all times. Yet when I realised I had only ten minutes to rush to the nearest bakery to get some bread for the kids' lunch tomorrow I had to make it quick! So with no hesitation I ran out and seized the bakery. Once I...
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Rugen at OMD EM1 Mark 2 speed

The most important part of being a professional photographer is not forgetting where I came from. Photography, for me, started as a hobby. What kept my curiosity going was planning and giving myself tasks. These tasks helped me learn some new tricks and tricks. On my last visit to Rome with Melanie Derks *, she introduced me to long exposure photo...
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Pflegeheim project

When I first entered the nursing home, the atmosphere depressed me. There was a constant smell of urine and disinfectant. There were people lined up in zombiesque formations waiting for lunch, for the night and for the inevitable. That was not what I wanted to portray. I wanted to capture their poetic layers of experience and strength and most o...
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Olympus Playground Berlin 2017

The Olympus Playground is a wonderful concept of Art and experimenting. Artists are gathered to put together a mesmerising setup of fleeting sculptures for the visitors to capture with their own cameras or, preferably, with an Olympus camera. As the title implies it is a playground. As such place is for play and fun. So there is no right or wrong,...
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Israel round trip for four

Day one - Sick daughter We started our morning with my daughter waking me up abruptly. She felt badly sick. We decided to try anyway and took the train to Berlin. We later realized our mistake... Day two - Reading a funny story Once we decided to postpone the flight and let her recover completely before departing, we took a train bac...
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